Did you know that MSC is largely a volunteer organization? MSC is not supported by an educational institution or by federal or state funds. We are a non-profit 501(c)3 that was founded by volunteers–curious learners and educators who saw the need for a resource for seniors who valued lifelong learning.

Volunteers chair or serve on committees that put together the courses, events, and special excursions. Classes are often supported by a volunteer who makes sure things run smoothly. What you experience when you take a course or attend a lecture or go on an excursion is the result of the work and time of our volunteer committees and board. Our teachers are all volunteers, too.

As an organization that serves seniors and is comprised of seniors, it is essential that new volunteers step forward and help. Is it work? Yes. Is it worthwhile? Absolutely! It is rewarding and fun to be part of our close knit community, too. We hope you’ll join us.


Join our team!

If you are interested in learning more about joining us as a volunteer, on the board, or teaching a class, please call  725-4900 or send an email to info@midcoastseniorcollege.org. We want to hear from you!

Learn About MSC Committees

Community Outreach Committee – Chaired by Susan Goran
Spread the word about Midcoast Senior College at events including the BDA Community BBQ, People Plus Expo, Bath Citizen Involvement Day, and Senior Health Expo. Committee members also distribute materials at area libraries and for display in business windows.

Curriculum Committee – Chaired by Janet Kehl, William VanderWolk, and Victor Papacosma
This committee works with faculty members to create course offerings in the fall, winter, and spring. Its members look for new faculty as well as participate in the vetting and interviewing process. Course feedback helps to guide the committee and maintain a level of excellence that we strive to produce. The Winter Wisdom and Summer Wisdom subcommittees are part of the Curriculum Committee.

Development Committee – Chaired by Jay Kuder
As a nonprofit 501c3, it is necessary for MSC to raise funds to keep our organization operational. Membership fees and tuition alone do not meet our budgetary needs. Through our annual appeal for donations, community sponsorships, and grants, we meet our goals. This committee searches for new sponsors and grants, oversees our appeal process, and searches for new avenues of funding.

Events Committee – Chaired by Freda Bernotavicz
This committee is charged with planning and executing faculty luncheons, the annual members meeting and social, and planning educational and fun excursions as well as other one-time events.

Finance Committee – Chaired by Kevin Hart
Overseeing the organization’s financial matters including budget, investments, and strategic planning is the focus of the Finance committee.

Nominating Committee – Chaired by Doug Bates
This committee is usually chaired by the past-president. Recruitment of new board members and orientation is the work of this committee.

Technology Committee – Open chair
With an ever increasing reliance on technology inside and outside the classroom, the technology committee is tasked with problem-solving and creative solutions to administrative needs as well as classroom requirements.


​Meet our Board of Directors

Officers 2023/2024

  • Freda Bernotavicz
  • Leona Dufour
  • Jaki Ellis
  • Susan Goran
  • Kevin Hart
  • Bruce Hauptli
  • Janet Kehl
  • Jay Kuder
  • M. Kelly Matzen
  • Craig Snapp
  • William VanderWolk
  • David Vogt
  • Karen Williams
  • George Young

Executive Committee

  • President: Jay Kuder
  • Vice President:
  • Treasurer: Kevin Hart
  • Secretary: Leona Dufour

Meet our Staff 

Donna Marshall, Executive Director


Sonia St. Pierre, Bookkeeper


Sue Kingsland, Associate Director