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Senior Scribblers Writing Group

Have some work started? Thinking of getting going? Want to write better fiction?

No experience needed! A cooperative effort — not a course

Meets the First and Third Mondays of the Month
From 2:30 – 4:00 p.m.
Free and open to all seniors; must be a current MSC member
More information: Harry, 841-8324 or harry.techmanage@gmail.com
Improve and Enjoy your Writing!

Upcoming Meeting Dates:

June 5  Write to the prompt “Last Chance” (…to make or affect a decision, major or minor) Room 205 at Curtis Library
June 19 Write to the prompt “Then the doorbell rang” (what’s going on and how is the protagonist affected? The ring can come anywhere in the story.) The library is closed that day, so the meeting place is TBD
July 17 Write to the prompt “Woe is Me” (what’s the narrator’s problem here, anyway? Is it legit? Room 205
August 21 Write to the prompt “Fit to be tied” (Why is the protagonist feeling this way?  Dramatic event? Events in general? Other?) Room 205
Sept 18 Protagonist meets a space alien (real, a bad dream, or whatever) Room 205

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