The Life and Legacy of Frances Perkins

Frances Perkins was Franklin D. Roosevelt’s secretary of labor and acknowledged as the woman behind the New Deal.  Learn about how this self-made woman, with roots in the humble Maine farm her ancestors had settled in the 1750’s, rose to become America’s leading advocate for industrial safety and worker’s rights and the first woman to serve as a cabinet secretary.  This six-part course will focus on Frances Perkins and her life, Social Security and the New Deal, WPA and other New Deal programs, the Fair Labor Standards Act, and include a visit to the Frances Perkins Homestead in Newcastle.  MSC, Classroom #3; Limit: 36

Required Book: A Promise to All Generations: Stories and Essays about Social Security and Frances Perkins,  9780615417226 (can be bought from instructor at reduced price);  Kirstin Downey, The Woman Behind the New Deal: The Life and Legacy of Frances Perkins, ISBN 9781400078561.  

Michael Chaney, Executive Director, Frances Perkins Center, and Chris Cash, Program Director of the Frances Perkins Center, based in Newcastle with administrative offices and a public exhibit on Main Street in Damariscotta. Sarah Peskin  Board Chair, and Former Chief of Planning and Legislation for the National Park Service North Atlantic region. Dr. Christopher N. Breiseth, Board Treasurer, is the immediate past president and CEO of the Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Institute, located at the FDR Presidential Library and Museum in Hyde Park, New York. Charles M. Wyzanski, a cum laude graduate of Harvard College and of Columbia Law School; Charles practiced law many years including fourteen years as an Assistant Attorney General for Massachusetts. Tomlin Perkins Coggeshall, Frances Perkins’ grandson, will lead the final class, a tour of the Perkins Homestead National Historic Landmark.

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