MSC Singers

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The MSC Singers is a Senior College chorus class where we study the craft of singing a capella and accompanied choral arrangements. Our selections are chosen from American, Canadian, and British folk music.  In each class we review the history of the pieces we are practicing. We also study healthy singing habits through vocal exercises catering to the older voice. Prerequisites: This is a self-auditioning class. A good musical ear, a musical memory, and past choral singing experiences are beneficial for accomplishing our class goals. Reading music is an asset but not a requirement. For the sake of the group’s learning experience, please commit to at least four of the six regular classes. Singing at the special practice and final event is encouraged. St. Paul’s Episcopal Center

Our revised schedule:
    Oct 15
    Oct. 22
    Oct 29
    Nov. 12
    Nov. 19 (in the sanctuary)   (not the 15th)

    Nov. 26 (make-up class for the 5th) 
    Jan. 7   (special practice)
      Jan. 8 (Winter Wisdom) 
Voice class by section:
     Oct. 22 – voice identification and classification (all voices) (I can hear you one at a time or you can pair with a friend) 
     Oct 29 – soprano voice
     Nov. 12 – alto voice
     Nov. 19 – tenor voice
     Nov. 26 – bass voice

Stuart Gillespie retired in 2004 as Director of Choral Ensembles and Fine Arts at Naugatuck Valley Community College in Connecticut. He began his choral directing career in 1965 with the U.S. Army Chorus in Europe. He is a published composer and has written numerous choral arrangements of well-known folk songs.

Course Links

NEW — EXCELLENT VERSION: Four Strong Winds, Cypress Choral Music:

Four Strong Winds,Prairie Voices:

Four Strong Winds, Maple Leaf Singers:

Four Strong Winds, Youth Singers of Calgary:

Blowin' in the Wind
Blowin’ in the Wind Tenor-Bass practice
Blowin’ in the Wind Soprano-Alto practice
Blowin’ in the Wind  II – D Major – no flute part
If I Had a Hammer
If I Had a Hammer SATB -E maj #3 extra ending