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Your annual membership fee is critical to the existence of a senior college in mid-coast Maine. Thank you! Your financial support allows us to provide lifelong learning opportunities for seniors. A member of MSC:

Can register for our courses and workshops

Is invited to the annual members social

Gets first dibs on our excursions and special events

Enjoys free lectures, both in-person and on-line

Supports lifelong learning in your community!

MSC Monogrammed Caps

Periwinkle Blue or Stone
One size fits all
$25 (includes shipping)

MSC Monogramed Fleece Vests

Blue or Gray
Size varies
$45 (includes shipping)

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What Members are Saying

“Thank you for being here. I learned that Maine is the only state with a state-wide senior college presence. Almost makes winter endurable because there will be a spring term to anticipate.”

“You’re doing a great job. Continue with liberal arts focus. Much appreciate classes that help put current angst in perspective. The College is a gift to seniors in the midcoast area.”

“I think it creates a marvelous community of sophisticated learners, who enjoy each other’s ideas and interactions.”

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