A Final Gift: Advance Directives


Rarely do we engage in conversations regarding death. Despite the meteoric advances in life-extending technologies, death continues to come and occurs daily in the most advanced healthcare organizations. Baby boomers are advancing into those “golden years” at a record rate and facing outcomes born from their youthful indiscretions and unhealthy habits. The desire to control our final destiny requires knowledge and informed decisions. We must articulate our final wishes and ensure that when we are unable to self-advocate, others respectfully speak on our behalf. This course prepares you to discuss and document your final decisions.

About the Instructor

Susan Goran practiced critical care nursing for 45 years working in various ICUs in New England prior to her retirement in 2017. Currently, she is adjunct faculty in the School of Nursing at UNE teaching leadership skills to a new generation of nurses.


Susan Goran
Email: susanfgoran74@gmail.com



1:00-2:30 p.m. 
5-week course begins April 10



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