Maine’s Climate Crisis


This course will focus on what is happening to Maine, from sea-level rise to the altering of the four seasons, and how this is affecting Maine’s wildlife and plants and posing threats to the fishing and agriculture industries. We will discuss how Maine’s leaders have developed an ambitious program to cut fossil fuel use and roll back the damage, while making towns and cities better able to withstand these threats. More broadly, we will discuss how the earth’s climate is changing, the reasons why, and what we can do to help reduce the carbon emissions from our vehicles, homes, and businesses. The class will also contrast the robust plan that Maine has adopted to the limited action taken by the State Of Florida, even though Florida faces more serious threats from climate change.



Reading: Various articles on the impacts of climate change and the options for reducing greenhouse gas emissions will be provided.

About the Instructor

John Burr is a retired journalist who has reported and served as editor-in-chief for the Jacksonville Business Journal and worked as a reporter and senior editor for the Florida Times-Union. For this course, he will draw on his long-time interest in climate issues and his experience as an environmental reporter. He has taught a continuing education climate class at the University of North Florida and has given a presentation at the Coastal Maine Botanical Garden.


John Burr



1:00-2:30 p.m.
4-week course begins Sept. 13



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