NATO-Russia War in Ukraine was Predictable, Predicted–and Avoidable


The U.S. foreign policy elite and mainstream media have supported a narrative and policies that dismiss over 30 years of evidence and expert warnings that NATO violation of Russia’s “Monroe Doctrine” in Ukraine would lead to war. Washington has poured billions of dollars in addition to “boots on the ground” military and intelligence personnel into a war which is not in America’s vital national interest and carries the risk of nuclear confrontation. Topics will include unkept promises, Russia’s “reddest of red lines,” a decade of civil war in Ukraine, and our political echo chamber. The world has changed. What comes next?



Recommended Reading:

Benjamin Abelow, How the West Brought War to Ukraine, ISBN 978-0991076703.

About the Instructor

Susan Welsh is a Russian-English translator, editor, and former journalist. Her Russian studies include literature, psychology, World War II on the Eastern Front, and the post-Soviet era. She graduated from Swarthmore College with a major in Russian and Psychology.




Susan Welsh



9:30-11:30 a.m.
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