The Journey from Climate Doom to Active Hope


When you think about climate change and ecosystems destruction, do you experience feelings of despair or helplessness? Do you want to leave these negative thoughts and feelings behind and take a thought-provoking journey to “active hope”?  In this discussion-oriented class, you will explore the ideas of scientists, social scientists, and philosophers who have shown us how we could create a more hopeful story for ourselves. You will consider this question: How can I become more active—and hopeful—in protecting the Earth and ensuring the well-being of future generations?  


Reading: Suggested readings will be offered before the beginning of the first class.

About the Instructor

Thomas White has a PhD in developmental Psychology.  He has taught at Gettysburg College and for the OLLI at College of William and Mary and the OLLI at USM.


Thomas White


9:30-11:30 a.m.
8-week course
Begins February 17, 2023



UMA Brunswick Center, Orion Hall, 12 Sewall Street, Brunswick (On Brunswick Landing in Cook’s Corner)—Room 101