The Skin of God


Throughout our evolution, we Homo sapiens have used arts, sciences, and religions to pursue knowing, intimacy, and sometimes a dialog with the vastly powerful, awe-engendering inner mysteries of the cosmos, the natural world, and ourselves.  Now old patterns are dissolving and reforming in unimaginable combinations through rapid changes in science, technology, art, and religion. In this series of art-illustrated dialogues, we will examine and discuss the understory of this continuous journey of longings using art, myth, fairytales, film, religion, and science in search of an enhanced understanding of the labyrinthine connections that touch us beneath the thinking level. 


About the Instructor

Stephanie Rayner is a professional artist and international lecturer whose work deals with the transformation of our spirituality by the revelations of science and technology. She has presented her works to The Vatican Symposium on Religion and Science (Malta), The Institute for Religion in an Age of Science (New Hampshire), and the First International Symposium of Religion and Science (University of Toronto). In 2016, Stephanie Rayner became the only visual artist to be awarded The Ashley Fellowship. 


Stephanie Rayner


1:00-3:00 p.m.
4-week course
Begins November 10, 2022 (no class on 11/24)



In-person class at a location in Brunswick.