The following board members are seeking a first term (2024-2027):


Frank Strasburger

An Episcopal priest, Frank Strasburger has devoted most of his career to campus ministry and was the Episcopal chaplain at Princeton from 1986 to 1997. He left Princeton to become president of Medical Education for South African Blacks, an organization that began during Apartheid and helped radically increase the number of black health care professionals in South Africa. In 1999, as he was returning to full-time ministry, he became founding president of Princeton in Africa, an international service fellowship organization providing outstanding recent college graduates unique opportunities to serve in developing nations all over Africa. He was also a founding board member and later board president of Healthy Learners in Zambia.  Locally, Frank has served on the Curtis Library board, the Kieve-Wavus advisory board, the UN Association board, the Tedford Housing Campaign Committee, and the steering committee of both Obama presidential campaigns, founded and facilitated a group of Bowdoin students who met weekly to talk about healthy masculinity, and recently taught a course on Job at Mid Coast Senior College. He is the author of Growing Up: Limiting. Adolescence in a World Desperate for Adults. Father of three and grandfather of four, Frank is now retired and living with his wife, Carrie, in Highland Green.

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