Creating a Global Community


This seminar is about the situation in which we find ourselves as we attempt to deal with warfare, pandemics, global warming, inequality, and flows of refugees. We will be reading, discussing, and critiquing a book that argues that we must create a global community. How can eight billion people form a community? The book integrates philosophy with social science and is too packed with ideas to be entertaining reading. However, you are guaranteed to learn something that will interest you. This is not a pragmatic, how-to-do-it, course, but may give you hope, change how you think, and perhaps even how you act.  


Reading:  Joseph de Rivera, Forming a Global Community, ISBN 978-1648895166 (Amazon is charging $55 but the book is available at the office for $39. Photocopies at cost are available if requested a week in advance. An electronic pre-publication manuscript may be requested but is not recommended.).

About the Instructor

Joseph de Rivera is a social psychologist who served in the Navy and taught at Dartmouth and NYU before going to Clark University where he formed its Program in Peace and Conflict Studies.


Joseph de Rivera


1:00 – 3:00 p.m.
8-week course
Begins February 15, 2023



UMA Brunswick Center