When you pay your annual $35 membership fee you’re sending a message. You’re telling us that you value the work that we do to produce courses and lectures for seniors in Maine. You’re telling us that we matter to you, your neighbors, your community. For a small non-profit, we rely on membership fees to support our budget. You are one of the seniors who, according to a recent AARP report, see learning as a way to control the narrative of your lifelong journey. With your membership, we can continue to support seniors like you who wish to keep their brain active, stay mentally sharp, and be a lifelong learner. In addition to paying rent for our administrative office and classroom and event locations, we must raise funds to pay for our staff salaries (one full-time and two part-time employees), technology, insurances, supplies, and more. Each year we start a budget from scratch, hoping that our members will continue to find us worthy of their membership and donation dollars. We strive to produce new interesting courses, lectures, and excursions for our members. We’re so grateful for your support of our mission. Thank you, and if you haven’t yet joined as a member… CLICK HERE!

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