Senior Scribblers

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Have some work started?

Thinking of getting going?

Want to write better fiction?

No experience needed!

A cooperative effort — not a course

  • Meets every other Thursday afternoon using Zoom
  • From 3:00 – 4:30 p.m.
  • Free and open to all seniors
  • More information:  Harry, 841-8324 or

Improve and Enjoy your Writing!

Upcoming Meeting Dates:

  • Apr 21:  Part one of a two-session writing program in which we will write a “chapter One” for the next meeting, and a “Chapter Two” for the next one after that. The idea is to build, in the second part, on what we do in the first. The exercise is to use the two sessions to more fully develop our characters, plot, or theme in a longer, more complete story than we are able to do with just flash fiction in individual stories.
  • May 5: Part two of the two-part exercise, which will follow on, and enhance the efforts of part One.
  • May 19: A Discussion: What makes an action story work? As a start to our thinking, we were offered the quote by Elmore Leonard to “leave out the parts the reader’s going to skip over”. We also need to consider the parts the reader will NOT skip over, and why that might be so.
  • June 2: A story about An objectively amusing disaster (probably not so funny to the victim at the time, but amusing for others to imagine afterwards. Spilling the pasta for the party all over yourself and the car because of some small slip of carelessness, for example). The story can be real or wholly imaginary.
  • Jun 16: Building a story from a specific word, phrase, or picture (like we did earlier using a cel from a cartoon). I will provide a set of cartoons from which to choose. This was good fun, and very successful when we did it last.
  • Jun 30 Discussion: Who has a stake in the story’s outcome?
  • Jul 14: A story involving a lethal weapon. The outcome can be good, bad, funny, or sad!
  • Jul 28: Story about an activity you would not undertake yourself (bungee jumping, sky diving, boat racing, for example)
  • Aug 11: “Man in a trench coat with bare legs” What’s next?
  • Aug 25: Two characters who have nothing in common. (Why are they there? What brings them together? What happens to them, and why?)
  • Sep 8:  A story with a non-human protagonist.