Senior Scribblers

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Have some work started?

Thinking of getting going?

Want to write better fiction?

No experience needed!

A cooperative effort — not a course

  • Meets every other Thursday afternoon using Zoom
  • From 3:00 – 4:30 p.m.
  • Free and open to all seniors
  • More information:  Harry, 729-4238 or

Improve and Enjoy your Writing!

Upcoming Meeting Dates:

June 17 Theme:  An Indigent hits the lottery for $645M. What happens next?

July 1 Technique: Discussion of what makes a good plot. We all bring an example from a successful writer that we like.   During this meeting we could determine the beginning idea, the middle idea, and the end and everyone would agree to write a story using this identical plot.

July 15 Theme: The stories we generate from the previous meeting

July 29 Technique: What makes a story plausible? The factors and how they tie together/

August 12 Theme: Plausible story built on a cartoon (the cartoon to be determined on July 15)

August 26 Technique:   A study of characters. What makes them come to life. How to incorporate our own life experiences in our story and characters.

Sept 9 Theme: A short original piece with an eccentric character that shows the inner thoughts and feelings, or the outer appearance, habits and weird behavior that our prime character may have (Or both).

Sept 23 Technique: Voice; Using Dialogue for story development

Oct 7 Theme: A story using only dialogue

Additional techniques/themes for future meetings:  

            Flash fiction defined and describe
            A story about a Fictional world
            Who has a stake in the story outcome?
            Story featuring a place as the objective or protagonist
            Can a story really write itself?
            Use of dialect with our characters
            “Man in a trench coat with bare legs” What’s next?
            Other words. pictures, or phrases from which we each build a story