Senior Scribblers

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Have some work started?

Thinking of getting going?

Want to write better fiction?

No experience needed!

A cooperative effort — not a course

  • Meets every other Thursday afternoon using Zoom
  • From 3:00 – 4:30 p.m.
  • Free and open to all seniors
  • More information:  Harry, 729-4238 or

Improve and Enjoy your Writing!

Upcoming Meeting Dates:

  • 11/18/21 Discuss Narration Point of view. Who’s telling the story

  • 12/2/21 Write Narration Story told by a non-person—pov of a tree [Sue, Harry], road, moose—the more outrageous the better

  • 12/16/21 Discuss Imagery Figures of speech—metaphors, similes, analogies, hyperbole [if you’re into overkill with literary terminology.

  • 12/30/21 Write Imagery Use of imagery to heighten character, setting, conflict, OR theme. Feel free to use a former piece and highlight the images you added.

  • 1/13/22 Discuss Plot What happens, why, and how are the characters affected?

  • 1/27/22 Write Plot and tension Prompt: “*** had five minutes to act/answer/decide.” This can be the title, opening line, closing line, or whatever.

  • 2/10/22 Discuss Pacing/tempo Sentence or word length, connotations of words, images [remember those], action, thought-shots/photo-shots. Thinks of books that are page-turners vs. ponderous for a good reason.

  • 2/24/22 Write Pacing/tempo Prompt: Doug and Elsie invited a different couple for dinner on Friday night.

  • 3/10/22 Discuss Words Connotation/denotation, double meaning words, jargon, slang, evolution of meaning (e.g. decimation), obsolete, origin, and their effect on the story.

  • 3/24/22 Write Word[s] Story focusing on or using a word, or family of words to the benefit of the story.

Additional techniques/themes for future meetings:  

            Flash fiction defined and describe
            A story about a Fictional world
            Who has a stake in the story outcome?
            Story featuring a place as the objective or protagonist
            Can a story really write itself?
            Use of dialect with our characters
            “Man in a trench coat with bare legs” What’s next?
            Other words. pictures, or phrases from which we each build a story