Senior Scribblers

Fiction Writing Group for all levels meets at Midcoast Senior College!

Have some work started?

Thinking of getting going?

Want to write better fiction?

No experience needed!

A cooperative effort — not a course.

  • Meets every other Wednesday morning
  • 9:30 a.m.-11:30 a.m.
  • Midcoast Senior College, 29 Burbank Ave., Brunswick Landing
  • Free and open to the public
  • More information:  Harry, 729-4238

Improve and Enjoy your Writing!

Upcoming Meeting Dates:

Aug 7: (Topic) Flash Fiction. In this exercise, we will each write a story in 100 words, and another in 200 words. They can be the same story or something different, but it might be a more meaningful exercise if we can make it the same story in two versions.

Aug 21: (Technique) Elements of writing. Here we’re looking at the elements that are all contained in a successful novel (and, really, in a short story also). We’ll be examining the topical headings from “Writing the Breakout Novel”, that Fred shared with us this afternoon and the material from “Save the Cat Write a Novel” that Herrick will share with us (I hope I have that title correct).

Sept 4: (Topic) Application of the elements we talk about on Aug 21. In this, we are each to choose a couple of the elements and try to make that work well in a short piece.

Sept 18: (Technique) Elevator talk about a story. In this exercise, we will try to present a three-line description of a piece we have already written that describes the real story in the piece. The story I had this morning, for example, was really not a story of re-stealing some money, but a story of how the protagonist transformed himself from someone superior to the original robbers to being essentially one of them

Oct 2: (Topic) Hunting. We don’t know how anyone especially feels about hunting, but we can all imagine a story about the topic.

Oct 16: (Technique) Discussion of “What is a Tragedy”. What makes a story “tragic”, as opposed to “dramatic”, “humorous”, “poignant”, etc.?

Oct 30: (Topic) Hallowe’en. Go anyplace you like with that one, as long as it relates to the theme!

Snow days:  If the Brunswick schools are delayed or closed, the Senior Scribblers will not meet.
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